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Case studies with our customers

Thumbnail Kardex Mlog

KARDEX MLOG lifts parts business to a new level

Achieving the optimum price while maintaining customer satisfaction - currently an extreme challenge for machine manufacturers. Also for Kardex Mlog. A traditional cost-plus pricing process was in place for different part groups, making parts pricing a time-consuming and tedious exercise for the team.

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Thumbnail Dieffenbacher

DIEFFENBACHER solves pricing complexity of spare parts

Dieffenbacher is a leading global manufacturer of complete turnkey production lines for wood-based panels. The independent family-owned company was founded back in 1873 in Eppingen, Germany. Today, Dieffenbacher employs more than 1,700 people and has more than 16 subsidiaries with production facilities and sales & service offices worldwide. As an equipment manufacturer with tens of thousands of purchased parts, the spare parts business is of enormous importance to Dieffenbacher.

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This is where more success stories are created with our customers....

This is where more success stories are created with our customers....

Here you will soon find more exciting success stories from our customers. Find out how our solution contributes to more transparency in spare parts pricing and how our customers work with PRICE-RADAR. If you would like more references, please contact us at

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